Legal Notices

Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services Limited ("AEGIS") was incorporated in Bermuda in 1971 and commenced underwriting activities in 1975. AEGIS is registered as a Class 2 non-assessable mutual insurance company in Bermuda.

AEGIS is not admitted as a licensed insurer in any US jurisdiction. Enquiries from US persons concerning coverage from AEGIS should be made through licensed surplus lines brokers or,  subject to the limitations of the laws of the relevant state, directly to AEGIS.

AEGIS is an eligible surplus lines insurer in all jurisdictions of the United States. It is subject to United States federal income taxes, files the required tax returns and maintains a United States trust fund as required to maintain eligibility to be listed on the NAIC IID’s quarterly listing of alien insurers. AEGIS is also a licensed foreign insurance company in all provinces and territories of Canada and on the general register of foreign reinsurers in Mexico.

AEGIS’ operations are supported by its wholly-owned subsidiary, AEGIS Insurance Services, Inc. (“AEGIS Services”), which provides AEGIS and its affiliates with professional staff and services.

AEGIS Energy Syndicate 1225 at Lloyd’s of London (“AES 1225”) commenced operations in 1999. AES 1225 operations are supported by AEGIS Managing Agency Limited, also known as AEGIS London, which provides professional staff and services for AES 1225. AEGIS Electric & Gas International Services Limited (“AEGIS International”) is a corporate member of Lloyd’s and the sole capital provider of AES 1225. Both AEGIS London and AEGIS International are subsidiaries of AEGIS through AEGIS Holding Inc.

In the U.S., AEGIS; AEGIS & Design (Diamonds Design); the AEGIS Logo (Diamonds Design); AEGIS ENERGY SYNDICATE 1225; AEGIS INSURANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT; AEGISLINK; HOW SAFE; PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW and LESSONS LEARNED are registered trademarks and service marks of AEGIS.

In the U.K., AEGIS; AEGIS LONDON; AEGIS LONDON & Design and AEGIS SYNDICATE 1225 & Design are registered trademarks of AEGIS.

In the E.U., AEGIS; the AEGIS Logo; AEGIS ENERGY SYNDICATE 1225; AEGIS ENERGY SYNDICATE 1225 & Design; AEGIS ENERGY; AEGIS ENERGY & Design; AEGIS SYNDICATE 1225 & Design; AEGISLINK; AEGIS LONDON and AEGIS LONDON & Design are registered Community trademarks of AEGIS.

In Bermuda and New Zealand, AEGIS is a registered trademark of AEGIS.

In Canada, AEGIS; AEGIS ENERGY SYNDICATE 1225; the AEGIS Logo; AEGIS & Design and AEGIS CANADA are registered trademarks of AEGIS.

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