Differentiated Underwriting

The Differentiated Underwriting team at AEGIS London have a broad remit to write lines of business that are not currently underwritten by the wider syndicate. We look to support third party entities with expertise in specialist areas, on an insurance, reinsurance or retro basis, predominantly as a follow market.

Our key product offering includes:

  • Quota share;
  • MGA support for niche & innovative products or markets;
  • Lloyd’s consortia to work alongside select, top-performing Lloyd’s market leaders.

We are differentiated in the London market:

  • Top quartile, light-touch syndicate;
  • Experienced dedicated team, writing into a specific P&L;
  • Truly customised service; flexible commission structures for clients that hit key portfolio metrics;
  • Solutions focused approach to meet clients’ needs;
  • Engaged, innovative and collaborative thinking; new products and distribution channels considered.

Further details:

  • Capacity: contract linesize, per risk limit & occurrence limit of up to USD 5 million;
  • Able to consider wide ranging business types without a specific geographic focus

We aim to foster lasting partnerships in conjunction with those that have a profitable vision for their business, utilising our A rated capital, strong historical results and flexible service to provide added value for the benefit of our clients

For more information, please contact one of the team.

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