Political & Financial Risk

Recent years have been characterised by widespread global political and economic turmoil. This has exposed businesses investing or transacting across borders to considerable political and credit risk. AEGIS London’s products can make the difference between maintaining and developing key relationships in developed and emerging markets.

Our product range has the ability to protect:

  • Non-payment / non-performance by governments and state owned-enterprises on a range of instruments including loans, guarantees, trade / export contracts, tradeable bonds, and letters of credit.
  • Non-payment by private counterparties and financial institutions on loan facilities, including structured finance and project finance type lending.
  • Cross-border investments against the risk of government action or inaction, including expropriation, abrogation of key contracts or licenses and funds against non-transfer risk.
  • Fixed assets against property damage and resultant business interruption losses caused by political violence when forming part of an investment insurance package.

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